Whether a matter is in litigation, a claim or charge has been filed, or interpersonal conflict is disrupting the workplace, R3 Mediation can help.  

Employment mediation is a viable alternative to arbitration and litigation even when a case has not yet been filed. In this type of mediation, an impartial employment mediator helps you make informed decisions and develop mutually acceptable agreements. Employment mediation is a non-adversarial and informal, but structured process, that is especially valuable for employment disputes where both individuals are still employed by the same company.

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As mediators, our goal is to assist parties in reaching a voluntary resolution of their conflict in an amicable manner.  We work as a neutral third party and help you achieve your goal of resolution.   We meet with each party in joint or private sessions, listen to each side’s views, review information, and explore options.   We know the importance of understanding and addressing underlying concerns,   so we keep these in mind as we assist you with communication, negotiation and ultimate resolution of the dispute.  We help you to evaluate strengths, weaknesses, and potential outcomes from both legal and human factors perspectives, and work with you to creatively identify solutions that are acceptable to all involved.   

While most mediations are resolved in a day or less, on occasion follow-up is called for.  We stay with you, until your conflict is resolved. 

When resolution is reached, we prepare a memorandum of your agreement, which then reflects a binding settlement. 

By law, mediation sessions are confidential.  That means that if the conflict does not resolve, and later goes to court or to arbitration, no one will be able to see the mediator’s notes, or learn about what occurred at the mediation.


Mediation with an experienced employment mediator is the most cost-effective and satisfying way to solve workplace conflicts. Prevent the conflict from escalating.   Shift the focus forward – toward resolution. 

In a safe and respectful environment, we will help you stop the drain on resources.   We will help you to:

•   Resolve difficult conflicts before they disrupt the workplace
•   Avoid both the hard and “soft” costs of protracted litigation
•   Improve your organization’s conflict resolution skills
•   Increase your ability to resolve complaints at the earliest opportunity