You can observe a lot by just watching.Yogi Berra

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You can observe a lot by just watching.Yogi Berra


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Mediation is a search for a voluntary resolution to a problem. The parties meet and discuss the dispute with the mediator, a neutral third party who guides the conversation. The mediator questions, clarifies, addresses underlying concerns, and finds and exploits common ground. Once resolution is reached, the mediator transcribes the agreement, which when signed by the parties becomes a binding contract. Sessions are confidential, and parties may have lawyers present if they wish. Mediation costs are equally shared.

Mediation can be the process-of-choice for family matters, elder issues, workplace conflicts, and contract disputes where ongoing relationships must be preserved. Robin has handled court-ordered and private mediations between individuals and within groups of thirty and more.


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Arbitration is like a private trial. The arbitrator serves as a judge, hearing cases presented by both sides. Parties are usually represented by lawyers, and witnesses and experts may be called, but arbitration is not bound by formal rules of evidence. The arbitrator considers the testimony, the arguments, any exhibits, and the law and issues a decision, which is binding.

Arbitrations are private rather than court-administered, cheaper than trials, ordinarily confidential, and frequently mandated by grievance procedures in labor contracts. Robin has arbitrated consumer cases, domestic-relations cases, contract disputes, and environmental matters in New York and Colorado, and is currently an arbitrator for the Colorado Better Business Bureau.


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Facilitation increases the progress and efficiency of business meetings, conferences, and retreats. The facilitator plans, guides, and focuses the discussions to ensure that the objectives and concerns of the group and its individual members are addressed. The facilitator is neutral toward the agenda and outcome and does not give opinions or take sides.

By keeping the meeting on track and drawing forth opinions and ideas from everyone, the facilitator helps the group reach a successful and fully invested outcome. Robin has facilitated for small businesses, schools, community groups, government agencies, and nonprofits.